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Tiktaalik - Field Knife Set (Travel Version)

$ 199.00

The Field Knife Set is the first compact set of professional quality stainless steel cooking knives specifically designed to travel. The Field Knife Set was born out of a desire to evolve, simplify and distill the traditional cooking knife into a tool equally appropriate for indoor and outdoor use without compromising on performance or quality.

This is a compact set of professional quality cooking knives that are optimized specifically for travel; more lightweight, more compact and easier to clean. If you love to cook and you’re looking for a compact set of high quality cooking knives that are just as useful on the road as they are at home, then you will love these knives. They are therefore much more compact than standard kitchen knives. In order to achieve this, the traditional grip has been reduced to a bare minimum of what is necessary.

The Field Knife Set consists of three of the most commonly used kitchen knives: a small paring knife, a serrated knife, and a compact chef’s knife. Each knife is optimized for outdoor cooking and travel but unlike most other camping knives on the market, they are of such high quality they can also be used all day, every day, even at home. The Field Knife Set is made from Sandvik 12C27 Swedish Stainless Steel. Sandvik has been a high quality steel manufacturer since 1862.

The set is available as a 3-pack of 'knives only' or the adventure travel version that also includes two Richlite cutting boards and the three knives all stored inside an aluminum travel case. This is the Travel Version.

Lightweight - By omitting the grip the overall weight is greatly reduced, which not only creates less fatigue while using the knife, but it also makes it easy to carry a slim, high quality cooking knife on a backpacking trip.

Compact - Without grips the bulk is greatly reduced. With the Field Knife design you can stack 3 knives in the same space that would be taken up by one traditional cooking knife.

Easy to Clean - With no grip it takes less than 10 seconds to properly clean a Field Knife. No dishwasher needed. 

Improved Ergonomics - With the exception of the cutting edge, the Field Knife design has a full round all the way around the edge. This greatly increases comfort during use. The finger notch is designed to aid comfort when holding the Field Knife in the professional grip. 

Balance - These blades are very well balanced in your hand which reduces your effort and strain during use.   

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