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Fjällräven - Greenland Wax

Fjällräven - Greenland Wax

$ 15.00

Environmentally friendly wax impregnation for clothes made of G-1000® fabric. Gives a water-resistant and hardwearing surface. Made from paraffin and bee wax. With Fjällräven’s Greenland Wax, you can easily adapt your G-1000 garments to suit different weather conditions and your intended activity level. More wax gives a more resistant garment that can withstand weather and wind. If you wash out the wax you get a cooler garment with maximum breathability.

G-1000 fabric is a classic element in Fjällräven’s clothing. The tight weave of 65% polyester and 35% cotton is windproof, fast drying and very hardwearing, and thanks to the Greenland Wax impregnation it is also water resistant and dirt repellent. Over time the wax washes out of the fabric and its water resistant properties become reduced. After two-three washes it can be time to renew the impregnation. This gives better protection against getting wet at the same time as it increases the durability and therefore the life of the garment. Greenland Wax is made from paraffin and beeswax. A block of wax (100 g) is enough for about ten articles of clothing.