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aLOKSAK - Waterproof bags

$ 8.99

Electronics, personal items and firearms are damaged from exposure to the environment. aLOKSAK is the only re-sealable, flexible storage bag offering protection from all the elements. The patented, light-weight storage system prevents air, humidity, water, dust and sand from harming your valuables. aLOKSAK is the only re-sealable and completely water, dust, humidity, sand, and snow-proof storage bags on the consumer market. The product was invented by the founder of LOKSAK who is also an avid SCUBA diver.

Tools for Adventure offers a two pack and a four pack:

The Phone version includes (2 bags total): 

4 x 7" (2 bags) - 4.125" x 6.625" (fits iPhone 6+ passports, etc. All dimensions are inner dimensions).

The Multi Pack version includes (4 bags total):

4" x 6.5", 6.25" x 5.25", 8.4" x 5.25", 11.75" x 12" (1 bag of each. All dimensions are inner dimensions).

  • Hermetic Seal - An Absolute Airtight Seal Preventing the Re-entry or Release of Air and Micro-Organisms
  • Scuba Schools International Certified Waterproof Up to 200 Feet/60 Meters
  • Made in the USA
  • Protects Against Microscopic Particles like Dust and Sand
  • All Touch Screen Electronics Work 100% While Protected inside
  • Make and Receive Phone Calls While Phone is Protected inside
  • FDA and NSA Approved Medical Grade Materials for Food and Biohazard Storage
  • Comprised of a 6 Mil Patent Protected New Generation Film
  • Durable 6 Mil Film has a “Cold-Crack” Tolerance to -40 F/-40 C
  • No BPA or Use of Any Harsh Chemicals
  • Recyclable and Reusable
  • Holds Five Patents